Each of them get a later part of the-evening bus so you’re able to Nara

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Each of them get a later part of the-evening bus so you’re able to Nara

It stop at an assistance town so they really explore the date there discover one thing to eat. Whenever you are Tsukasa waits to possess Nasa to come back from using the bathroom, Chitose appears asking the lady what she’s starting acting eg an effective normal girl. Tsukasa informs the woman the woman is and make an excessive amount of this actually ever since the day they earliest met when she try 16; an everyday lady. Prior to Chitose is dispute their point and just because Nasa happens straight back, an idol looks regarding the restaurants legal urban area ultimately causing Tsukasa to worry throughout the getting trapped for the a tricky problem. They want to exit having Chitose yelling just after them, inquiring Tsukasa why she is also marriage. Back with the coach, Nasa magic on which Chitose told you but, Tsukasa reassures him stating that it’s only natural many people would oppose their marriage and you may she secret if the their moms and dads might be a comparable. They come inside Kyoto which have Nasa excited about the chance of doing a bit of sightseeing from then on checking out their mothers when you look at the Nara. However, Tsukasa’s recommendations of getting to an effective bakery and/or manga museum deflate their love in which he asks if the she’s not curious during the watching the newest historical landmarks. Just after seeing Nasa’s disappointment, she agrees to see them.

The guy informs this lady that he is yes they can persuade him or her

Immediately after Tsukasa becomes turned into a great kimono, Chitose seems once again however intent on ruining the marriage. Nasa implies that he and you can she provides a speak together in the the marriage. She believes compared to that together a couple of maids delivering Tsukasa having them. If you find yourself dining in the a restaurant Charlotte requires Tsukasa what she wants in the Nasa. She responses by the saying that they are merely lovely and exactly how shortly after hearing your discuss himself and other people, she understood how variety of a guy he is. Tsukasa later fits support which have Nasa who’d finished speaking having Chitose. She requires in the event the he’d had her to just accept or perhaps not but, he says he does not see hence she had opted right back so you’re able to Tokyo. The pair of them next lead off to discover Nasa’s mothers in Nara.

They fundamentally get right to the household of Nasa’s mothers with each other of these extremely worried in the in the end conference them. Nasa’s mother Kanoka begins to open the door it is too flustered to see their son’s spouse at last and you will rapidly happens back in to the. Nasa seems to encourage this lady meet up with Tsukasa and you may asks where their dad is to try to and this Kanoka feedback that he’s from the dining area and you may has not moved given that early morning. All of them wade into the which have Tsukasa becoming delivered in order to Nasa’s dad Enishi. Shortly after some embarrassing quiet, Enishi asks Nasa in the event that he would should wade just take a bath but, Nasa is wary about leaving Tsukasa alone together with moms and dads very in the near future. She says to your it is fine when they should keep in touch with their, very he departs however group of a while unsure. Immediately after Nasa makes the space, Enishi out of the blue prostrates themselves prior to Tsukasa thanking the woman saving Nasa’s lifetime. The guy goes on because of the claiming how satisfied he and you can Kanoka are having raising such as a boy even with her flaws and if he decided to get married the person who spared their life, he has got very little else to provide as well as happier tidings and greatest away from fortune. Enishi closes away from by asking you to definitely she look after Nasa to any extent further. Tsukasa thank you so much him to own their grateful terminology and requires that they also maintain her to any extent further.

As they plan bed, Kanoka informs Nasa which they put in an extra futon to own Tsukasa and you will warns your not to ever get “also carried away”, since they will be sleeping next space more

Later on, Tsukasa and you will Nasa discuss the place they truly are already inside the had previously been his and therefore no matter if the devote Tokyo doesn’t have much often, he enjoys everything you important in a protective deposit field, the cloud using the pc and on his people in dating site for Adventist people order for he’s nothing to care about. As they fall asleep Nasa asks Tsukasa if she would like an arm support. She obliges your however,, this won’t history a lot of time while the his case actually starts to go numb. Nasa next asks this lady for a beneficial night hug rather, and that Tsukasa agrees in order to albeit very embarrassingly.



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