As time passes on board brand new Normandy, Tali receives a worrisome message from your home

As time passes on board brand new Normandy, Tali receives a worrisome message from your home


She says to Shepard that Admiralty Board provides recharged the girl which have treason. Tali asks you need to take into Flotilla and find out what new fees was, and you can beg their purity. Inside the situations of your objective, it’s showed that the fresh new admiralty board has chose to transform Tali’s label to help you Tali’Zorah vas Normandy. Even after her support objective is performed, she’s going to keep this identity, long lasting consequence of this new goal.

Shortly after each other Tali’s and you can Legion’s commitment missions was done, a conflict arises between each other whenever Tali catches Legion researching the lady omni product to possess information about brand new Flotilla as sent returning to the brand new geth. Legion maintains that it is merely alerting the newest geth of issues it face regarding the quarians’ evaluation in addition to their plans to assault this new geth. Until Shepard intervenes impartially, the fresh new Chief loses certainly the loyalties. Whether your dispute is actually resolved in the place of Shepard siding which have Tali otherwise Legion, Tali many thanks Legion to own agreeing never to broadcast the information and knowledge right back to geth and provides non-categorized details about this new Flotilla so you’re able to Legion as an alternative. In the event the Shepard edges which have Legion, then Commander seems to lose Tali’s commitment, nonetheless it is restored into the a later on dialogue.


Tali is a potential love choice for a male Shepard. Whenever Tali basic touches the fresh new crew of your Normandy, Yeoman Kelly Spaces informs Shepard you to Tali may wish to become “more than simply close friends” and you may describes new apparent signals in her body gestures. (more…)

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